Introducing our Design Partners…


Edge Architects

Architect & Interior Design

Quite simply, Edge Architects have been there and done it. And when we took on Herculaneum Quay, we took on our first ‘tall building’, and so we approached a true tall buildings expert. Having helped deliver West Tower in Liverpool, Blackfriars in London and Holloway Circus in Birmingham, all for Beetham Developments, we knew we had a partner with pedigree that could rise to the challenge of ours, and indeed Liverpool’s latest icon – Herculaneum Quay.

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Myo Interiors

Interior Designers

The difference between good and great property development can sometimes lie solely in the finish. As we bring more and more impressive and distinctive schemes online, we needed a final touch that did justice to, and provided final touch to, our hard –earned construction work. Myo interiors bring a youthful, thirsty and knowledgeable approach to helping individualise our schemes so that we maximise what we have built. Having already given us some great theme proposals, we cannot wait until we can touch and feel what they install in our very own developments for our customers to enjoy.

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Brock Carmichael


As we take on more dominant and influential schemes, it has become even more important than ever to ensure that not only do we get the design right, but for the right reasons. Brock Carmichael are ideally positioned as an ambitious and passionate architect who put untold amounts of thought into how a scheme should flow and why, and its impact on its surroundings. We have tasked them to achieve this with ‘The Rise’ and we are already dazzled by what they have put forward up to now. Having previously worked on the likes of One Park West in Liverpool in recent years, we have no worries about their ability to deliver.

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KDP Architects


They say “it not what you know, it’s who you know”. KDP know us. Having worked with us for nearly a decade on many projects, quite simply, KDP are in our heads. We have worked closely for many years, which tends to put them one move ahead of where other parties would be by knowing what we like, and how we do things. Add to this a genuine desire to see us push forward and you have an ideal partner for development and design.

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