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Liverpool is shoring up the economic future of the River Mersey

7th February 2018

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When I wrote last week about plans to commission a new state-of-the-art ferry in Liverpool, it got me thinking about the River Mersey and what it means to the city.

I’ve lived here all my life and the river is, as rivers are, about as perennial as a piece of the local landscape can be. A view of the water takes your breath away. The sweep of it as you look north from the Pier Head, or catch its blue-green glint through the Graces when walking down Water Street.

Some might think that these days, its significance is more as a geographical icon than an important stream of revenue for the city’s economy.

It might not be what it was at the height of the Empire (name a river or port that is), but it’s still an essential part of Liverpool’s gateway and transport infrastructure.

The city, switched on to this fact, is taking steps to safeguard the future potential of the Mersey and the areas at its banks. Here’s how.

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