Cladding & Fire Safety Statement

In light of recent news events, we understand that the public are justifiably concerned about the issues of cladding and fire safety. In anticipation of this, we would like to reassure all stakeholders with the following statement.

1. All of the cladding materials specified by Primesite for our developments are certified non-combustible. We use composite panels comprising metal skins with man-made fibre insulation, which include zero flammable materials.

2. All of our designs and cladding installation methods meet or exceed all current regulations for fire prevention.

3. We are currently actively working with the Department for Communities and Local Government to undertake safety checks on all of our developments to ensure that not only the cladding materials, but also the way they are installed, cannot cause the spread of fire.

4. We will continue to independently monitor all current and future legislation and regulations in order to stay ahead of developments and updates, and ensure that we always remain 100% compliant.

5. All of our projects take specialist advice from Expert Fire Consultants. These Consultants assist through all stages of the development process from initial Design through to Construction, in order to ensure that below mentioned regulations are met.