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Public Showcasing of Holmston House Plans

16th November 2016

A public consultation was held in in Scotland last week in which Danny Johnson & Dwayne Taylor from Primesite attended, alongside Stuart Duffy and Carl Ward from KDP architects.

Tim ferguson planning consultations held this public consultation at Holmston house, Ayre, Scotland to show local residents and members of the public our proposed plans for the scheme and talk through and to answer any questions or concerns they have.

Essentially it went very well and was very well received, there was a huge sense of appreciation by the local community due to the money being invested to save this grade B listed building which is cherished in the local area. The introduction of a purpose built state of the art care home was both welcomed and applauded.

This was followed by a meeting with the local planning authority the following day to discuss the positive nature of our public consultation and to agree our onward planning journey.